Hi, I have been Canyoneering for a number of years. I guess you would call that rappelling. I have read some of the comments and I think that there is some good information there. Rappelling is one of the most fun things I have done. I live in Utah and only 3 hours away from 5 national parks all with great canyons to rappel down into. There are some beginner canyons with the longest rappel being only about 30ft. I would suggest taking a guided tour through a few canyons. Then if you find yourself wanting more. Sign up for a training course. I would make sure the course is ACA(American Canyoneering Association) Approved. Also have rappel device that you can add fiction on the fly is extremely important. Many people dies by losing control over their rappel. The biggest cause of death in rappelling is rappelling off the end of your rope. So make sure your rope is long enough. Now I don't know much about Kansas or where there is a spot you can go, but if your ever come to Utah I would be happy to take you through a nice little slot canyon. I just took a group through Keyhole in Zion and they had a blast. Its the perfect beginner canyon. Good luck to you in your adventures of rappelling.