After working at a climbing gym for years, we would constantly check our ropes by checking for fraying, dead spots and the thickness/swelling of the rope. With that being said, I've always been told a rope for outdoors has about a 5-7 year life span depending on a few factors including (but not limited to) how many heavy or big falls have been taken on the rope, storage placement (home, garage, car etc.), and the frequent use of the rope. I've had my rope for 5+ years but it wasn't used frequently outdoors, stored in a rope bag and kept inside my house (not in hot temperatures).  I have checked my rope for dead spots, fraying, or swelling of the core but it's been good so far. I would recommend flaking out the rope and hand inspecting it for any suspicious feeling (a bit tedious but worth it before getting rid of it). I hope this helps!