Rappelling can be fun and exciting on its own!  One great thrill ride!  Many folks absolutely start out (in the big broad world of climbing and mountaineering) via just rappelling.

When I was in ROTC at Texas A&M (whoop! shout out) we learned to rappel from local fire-hose towers, I guess it was for confidence building purposes (who knows, who cares?), but it was scary as all get out and one great thrill ride!

After jump school, and on to Ft Bragg, there were rappelling towers all over the place, we went rappelling all the time, it was great fun and great team building. (and believe me, after jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, rappelling is a step down on the thrill-O-meter)

That naturally led to getting my own 'real climbing ropes' and equipment and heading out to popular North Carolina climbing places, looking for higher, more thrilling, rappel places, such as Hanging Rock State Park and Stone Mountain (not to be confused with Stone Mountain, Ga).

But, as fate would have it, those places were inhabited by 'rock climbers'!

It was like the storm clouds parted and the sun shone a big bright light and a voice from above spoke in a deep voice "here is the real fun you seekith"

So, with that epiphany, and some real rock climbing lessons (on the Army's dime in Alaska), rappelling slipped into the background as a 'sub-set' to climbing.

So, have fun, don't kill yourself and WARNING: Rappelling, like backpacking, can be a 'gateway drug to the real 'Big Show': Mountaineering.

older model rappelling tower at Ft Braggolder model rappelling tower at Ft Bragg


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