I am skeptical about rappelling as an activity to be undertaken for its own sake.  Superficially spectacular, but with all sorts of hidden hazards.   Doing mountain rescue, I have participated in several body recoveries involving rappelling.  There was also a live recovery, when an individual attempted at 500 foot descent with a 250 foot rope, single strand, anchored at the top.

Learn about technical climbing from the ground up.  Rapping is just one of the techniques possessed by  a well rounded, competent mountaineer.  It is definitely a useful skill, even more useful when combined with other mountain techniques.

I am now in my mid 80's, and my technical climbing days are pretty much in my past, but I still rap occasionally, not for fun and jollies, but to recover fossils exposed on sea cliffs in the Channel Islands (US).  Obviously, one can rap with very modest ability, provided there is solid technical background.

Hint  It is vital that your anchor point is totally solid and reliable.  Everything depends on that.


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