Yosemite 5.10 trad can feel impossible as a large man with big hands and feet. Do others have tips?

The struggle:

I can’t get trad shoes large enough for a true relaxed fit because the brands almost universally max out at 12.5. When I do get trad shoes the toes are so rounded in this size I cannot fit the toe into finger cracks. I have great hands for #3 and #4 but most Yosemite 5.10c/d is hard fingers that I cannot get locks into. The mythos are pointier in the toe so have been a game changer to approach finger cracks but I’m still lacking at those grades.

I know crack climbing is all size dependent but the 10 range for long technical routes all have these small technical finger pitches and it’s limiting to only be skilled in some styles. I’ve taken to working on offwidth as a result but would love to be able to cruise up serenity some day. Advice would be valued.

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