The ninth edition of Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, is SUPERB!!

There is extensive discussion of climbing techniques of rock, snow, and ice, naturally, but what is really valuable is the first major section, Outdoor Fundamentals, which is useful for almost anyone getting outdoors and not just those who strive for summits.

Also broadly useful are the final sections  on Leadership, Safety, and Rescue; and The Mountain Environment. I have been skimming through the large volume (600+ pages)  and I can find nothing with which I disagree.

Engaging in volunteer SAR for a number of years, I learned that a factor very common to nearly all of our victims was ignorance of basic outdoor principles.  Indeed, I had to look no further than my own experience.  My first mountain hike ever, in the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson came within a hair's breadth of  disaster with me hanging over a 50 foot precipice, just barely missing becoming a statistic.

This volume would have helped me then, and it can help many others now, because it is chucky jam full of good stuff.  No book can replace person to person instruction by a qualified mentor, but volumes of this caliber are a valuable and useful supplement.  Thee first volume of MFOTH served me well in that manner and this volume continues that role, introducing climbers to a vastly improved technology and  i mproved safe practices...

Get a copy!!



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