My Feet are 13.5 size chart. Many Mountaineering boots just hit size 13. I need that extra half size or one up to a 14 for socks and foot swelling. The Scarpa Ribelle HD fits the ticket. Its just a "Touch" to small. An all around Mountain climbing boot that can take on Semi Auto Crampons. Hiking CO 14'ers.  4 miles to 20 miles, Cat 3, and 4 with rock, snow and a little ice. Need suggestions.


Hi @Russell60 - Thanks for reaching out! 

Because feet vary so much from person to person, it is hard to say with confidence over this chat which boots will fit you well. We do currently offer the Scarpa Ribelle HD in size 48 Eu, which transfers to a 14 on the US size chart. 

The Scarpa Charmoz HD Boots are also available and offered in size 47 and 48 Eur, in case that 13.5 fits more securely than the 14. Those boots also have that same hybrid system for attaching crampons, which are what you will be looking for if you already own semi-auto crampons. 

With technical footwear and sizing, we recommend scheduling a free virtual outfitting appointment to talk one-on-one with one of our boot experts to discuss the boots' differences and how they will fit your feet differently. 

Let us know if you have any additional questions and we'll be happy to help! 

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If the stock sizes don't work, I would suggest Limmer boots, custom made to your own specific measurements.  I purchased a pair years ago, custom made, and they were superb!  Lasted through three  resole jobs but eventually did wear out, like all things.  They were comfortable right out of the box and never gave me a hot spot or a blister.

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