Hi @REI-KaraS !  Congrats on your organization initiative!  Unfortunately for me, I'm a pack rat, and, like you, have many and varied hobbies and interests, so all my storage space is mostly used up.  I have carpentry and contracting tools in the basement; mechanics tools and equipment (and a '68 GTO) in the garage; lawn and garden equipment in the shed; my mountain bike in my dining room; my kayaks hanging on the shady outside wall of the garden shed, and my hiking and camping gear scattered throughout various locations in the house!  

So, aside from the tips in the article, any other ideas you have would surely be welcomed.  

I think my only solution is to build another shed, or an addition onto the garage, but I have no time for that nonsense if I want to keep hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, tinkering, etc.  Maybe I should just become independently wealthy.  😁


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