Just moved to Central FL, just outside Orlando, and looking for tried-and-true camping locations for Nov/Dec/Jan. If anyone knows of any spots they recommend, I'd love to try and get something booked soon!

Also, the Winter Park REI in Orlando needs to get some events going - this is some of the best weather Florida gets!


Hi @MacD - Thanks for reaching out! I'm not local to the Orlando area, but have spent some time roaming around there in the fall. The springs in the area have always been a favorite of mine for camping destinations, especially during the cooler weather you're talking about. Silver Springs State Park and Rainbow Springs State Park are both really interesting spots that I suggest looking into. 

Hopefully some other Floridians will weigh in here as well! @toddmac, do you have any recommendations to share? 

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This is great, thank you @REI-CarterC! I'll check those out and see if there are any convenient openings coming up.

Hopefully the REI in Orlando gets more engaged to bring members out during one of the best times of year in FL!