@baraboomiller Thanks for reaching out!

The poles on the Base Camp 4 are not supposed to be bent. When laid out next to each other all the poles should be straight and parallel. Without knowing how significant the bends in your poles are it's hard to make a determination about next steps. If you could provide some photos that might be helpful. Are the bends in the poles significant enough to affect the performance of the tent or the ability to pitch it correctly? The trick to straightening them is the ability to hold the pole firmly so it doesn't twist when you are trying to apply light(!) pressure to straighten it out. 

I have had success straightening out poles using a vice, however, you must be very careful not to over-tighten the vise as you will crush the aluminum poles. They make adapters/inserts for vices to help with this (fairly normal to have those in a bike shop for getting grip on aluminum parts).

Hopefully this helps and you can keep your tent in service!

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