Hello Campers!  I'm camping in the White Mountains (near Mt. Washington) next week and am pretty excited.  Most of my camping experience has been at private, busy-type campgrounds.  While I'm looking forward to a smaller, more "rugged" campsite, I'm also worrying about bears at camp.  Like, waking up at 3:00 am, thinking "BEARS!!!" type worried. 

We'll keep our cooler, packs, and cooking supplies in the trunk of the car - is there anything else I can do that will help discourage bears?  Do I need to re-wash my bedding with a scentless detergent?  Should we rethink the shrimp boil foil packs?  Will a camp toilet (Cleanwaste Go Anywhere) attract bears?  Should we put out a jar of ammonia to dissuade them?  Am I being paranoid?

Any advice, or reality check, would be much appreciated!   

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