@Albert Thanks for reaching out!

It is definitely possible that the change in the air temperature caused your pad to deflate. A lot of people don't think about how the air you fill your pad with air that is almost 98° F and overnight that can change dramatically. That being said, with a temperature drop to only 75° F in your case, that seems like a pretty dramatic drop in air in your pad.

Have you filled up your air pad at home yet? To eliminate some variables we recommend filling your pad, letting it sit for 30 minutes, then topping it off so its full and waiting for 8 hours or so at a consistent temperature. If you have a leak, your pad will deflate, if it was the ambient air temperature then your pad will remain inflated.

If you have a leak, we recommend using a bathtub full of water to locate the leak and then using a sleeping pad repair kit to fix it. You can read more information about sleeping pad repair in this Expert Advice article, How to Repair a Sleeping Pad.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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