Hi! I am wondering if I could get advice about renting (and later buying) a tent. We are currently only car-campers but are interested in backpacking so not sure if we should bother looking at camping tents. I think we're looking for a 3-person tent because of our dog, and from what i have gathered on these message boards + Reddit/CampingandHiking, a vestibule seems like a good idea. 

We were hoping to go camping in Shenandoah National Park this weekend (August 7-9), and currently have a Coleman 2-person pop-up (it's not quite big enough to fit the 2 of us + dog comfortably, and didn't come with a footprint...we're hoping to resell it). We definitely want to buy a more practical tent that we'll be able to backpack with but I thought planning to rent this weekend might give us a chance to explore more about what works/doesn't work. Any and all advice very much appreciated. Thank you! 

PS - we're based in DC so the flagship store is very close.