@Prywid Thanks for reaching out!

To answer your question: no, there really isn't a way to stake the tent out differently in order to ease the lateral tension on the bottom of the tent. That tension is, in part, designed into the system, helping keep the tent floor taught and the poles in place. One tip to consider, however, is paying attention to how you stake the tent lengthwise as well as across.

Based on some reviews of the Kingdom 6, some customers have had issues at the points you mention because the floor of tent is reinforced, but the vertical part of the tent (at the stake/pole point) is not. When the tent is pitched, sometimes that part of the tent can rise up off the ground slightly. If someone steps on the tent floor near the wall of one of those points it can put too much strain on the seam between the wall and the floor and tear. One way to mitigate that would be to adjust your staking lengthwise and create some tension on the tent in the long direction, allowing the floor to lay flatter on the ground and not rise up off the ground. That should help protect from the accidental stepping on and tearing at that point.

Hopefully this helps and you can enjoy many more camping trips with your Kingdom tent!

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