Quilt or Sleeping Bag for Hammock Camping?

Because of sleep issues (okay... honestly, because my 20s are a mere speck in the rear view mirror of my life), I am building my backpacking gear around hammock camping instead of a tent.

From those of you with more experience than me (which is, like all of you), I am curious as to your preference of a quilt or a sleeping bag for a hammock.

A few things:

  • Not a UL hiker. I'm 52, married with kids (and enjoy being with my wife and kids) so I don't plan on going for month-long hikes to escape 🙂
  • The difference in weight and packed size between the two is not as critical to me as getting a good night's sleep on the trail
  • I'll have an under-quilt, regardless 
  • My main concern with a sleeping bag is that I move around a lot when I sleep and I don't want the zipper to tear the hammock



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