@BethinBaltimore Thanks for your question!

The 'IsoPro' fuel by MSR is a mix of Isobutane and Propane fuel. At REI, we carry three different brands that are Isobutane/Propane fuel mixes: MSR, Jetboil, and Snow Peak. You can find the different options and sizes here. All of the options listed there will work on stoves that are threaded to take those canisters, they are all the same in that regard.

The difference between the canisters (outside of size and amount of fuel) between brands is the mix of Isobutane fuel and Propane:

  • MSR IsoPro: 80% Isobutane, 20% Propane.
  • Snow Peak: 85% Isobutane, 15% Propane.
  • Jetboil: Unavailable.

The ratio of the mix is most important if you are camping/cooking in colder temperatures, so if you're using your stove in warm temperatures (above 45° F, generally) then you will likely not notice much of a difference.

Hopefully this helps, have a great trip!

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