Hello, REI.

I am about to buy the REI Screenhouse Shelter and the Rainfly. I wanted to go ahead and get two Adjustable Tarp Poles right away with this order and didn't know if it was best to get the 8' poles? I'm 6'1" and would prefer the height over the 6' poles, but I wanted to check first.



@umbagog Thanks for reaching out!

I have both the REI Co-op Screenhouse Shelter and the rainfly and they've had such an impact on our camping experience! As someone who is just a hair over 6 feet tall I find that the 6 foot poles are more than adequate for my needs. Once you extend them fully, you can hold up the rain fly panel plenty high enough to walk under it easily. It also allows you to drop that 'porch' feature lower so the rain does not roll back onto the fly, if that makes sense. That is not an option for the 8 foot pole as the shortest it goes is 79 inches.

Hopefully this helps!

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That's great, John. That's the intel that I was looking for. Much appreciated.