I bought the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL 3 mtnGLO Tent Silver/Gray Item # 1102100001 in 2019 and was looking to buy a footprint now. I saw the Copper Spur HV UL3 footprint, however in the description is says it is only compatible with 2020 model with the buckles, but not previous years. What footprint would fit my tent? I need one desperately! 



@hennesce thanks for reaching out!

The floor dimensions of your Big Agnes tent are 90" x 72"/62". The new Copper Spur footprint will be too short/narrow at 84" x 66"/58". Although we don't have a footprint that will fit exactly here are a few that are close to consider:

  • Big Agnes Tiger Wall 3UL - this will be slightly shorter (88"), slightly more narrow at the head and feet (66"/60")
  • REI Co-op Quarter Dome 3 - this is slightly shorter (85.6") and slightly more narrow at the head and feet (66.7"/61")
  • Big Agnes Stillwater SL 3 - this is the same length as your tent, slightly more narrow at the head and slightly wider at the bottom (66")

The only other option would be to connect directly with Big Agnes to see if they still have the exact model of footprint to match your tent. Hope this helps!

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@hennesce   -or-, you can save a bunch of pesos and have the self-satisfaction -of- making your own footprint/ground cloth.

A lot of folks use a piece of tyvek, an industrial exterior wall covering, also available is tent size sections on amazon, for $12 or so bucks.

I've used a large black plastic industrial trash can liner, cut down the seams and laid flat, only cost pennies, and weighs almost nothing.

A ground liner/footprint doesn't really have to have connection points to the tent poles to be effective.

A section of painter drop cloth, cut to size also works magnificently, and weighs almost nothing.

good luck



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Wow thank you so much! I just looked up some DIY videos and am going to make one with tyvek! So excited thanks!


@hennesce awesome! Thanks to @Philreedshikes for the suggestion! We'd love to hear how this project goes...keep us posted!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.