@skx013k2 on to ground pads! This will be a little more nuanced because there are a lot of personal preferences when it comes to what's comfortable for sleeping on the ground! We'll provide some suggestions and offer a few resources, and then be open for more dialogue if additional questions arise!

First, you might read this article on picking a ground pad to try to narrow down what "kind" of pad you'd prefer. Filled with air? Or self-inflating? Horizontal or vertical baffles? These are personal preferences and neither is better or worse than the other!

A few recommendations for ground pads, assuming you are sleeping on the ground:

  • REI Co-op Camp Bed - this is a self-inflating pad (little to no puffing needed), 2.5" thick (comfy), high r-value (warm). The XL size is plenty long for your tallest person! That said, it's also 5lbs+ (heavy) and bulky when packed up.
  • REI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Air Pad - this is 2.75" thick, with an integrated hand pump (not self-inflating), r-value at 3.5 and comes in 2 lengths to accommodate different sizes of people! These are on clearance so inventory may run out quickly.
  • Nemo Cosmo 3D Insulated Air Pad - this is 3.5" thick (comfy), has an integrated foot pump for easy inflation, 3.3 r-value and is available in several lengths/widths.

Let us know if you'd like information/advice on cots and/or pads to use with cots!


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