I am wondering if you could provide any guidance on GOAL ZERO power/solar. I am looking for a simple/nice/expandable setup where I could power different items while off grid (primarily for camping now, potential expanding to allow more power pull for off grid).  Was looking at Yeti 1000 and either the 100 or 200 boulder briefcase solar panels.  

Lots of different reviews and I am sure some expectations are misguided.  

Wondering if you could guide me given no stores are open.  Summarizing some specific high level questions.

  1. Would you recommend?
  2. Are the batteries good?
  3. Are the solar panels good?
  4. Is above logical starting place (i know 400/500 are options, but they can’t power bigger items like tools)?
  5. What else could/should I consider? 
  6. Know anyone who has?  Do they love and would they buy again?