@DKNYMD Thanks for reaching out!

The quick answer is yes, there is a converter that allows you to run a gas canister with a Lindal Valve (MSR, Jetboil, Snowpeak, etc) on a stove that normally takes a 1lb propane canister. Unfortunately, REI does not carry that converter, only one that does the opposite (allowing you to use a 1lb propane canister with your Lindal Valve stove), which was linked in the comment from @Philreedshikes. If you google 'Lindal Valve to 1lb Propane converter' you'll find a trove of options available. You want to make sure the one you purchase is converting in the correct direction (such as the one in the other link from @Philreedshikes), as both Lindal to Propane and Propane to Lindal are likely to pop up in your search.

@Philreedshikes @hikermor It is our understanding that these types of converters are often popular for trips and expeditions where the certainty of fuel types is less reliable, such as international trips or remote overlanding expeditions. They are less so in the U.S. because both kinds of fuel canisters are readily available in most places.

Hope this helps!

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