Now that it’s finally January, that means that the 2020 camping season is just around the corner!  Warmer nights, camp fires, adventures with family and friends, etc.  That also means breaking out the gear, planning and evaluating, and figuring out where I’m going to improve this year.


With a new season and endless possibilities, I’m curious what everyone is excited about with camping this year:

  • What trips does everyone have planned? I’m going to the New River Gorge area for 5 days, and really pumped for it!
  • If you are planning to camp for the first time in 2020, what are you looking forward to? I’m taking my kids camping for the first time this year.  They are so excited to sleep outside with the animals.  (My son’s words, not mine.)
  • What one piece of gear are you interested in updating? For me, it’s a new tent!  I haven’t determined anything outside of that, but an updated tent is in order for 2020
  • What’s your favorite part of camping? I love waking up in nature and I love cooking around the fire.

Hopefully in 2020 the camping is as great as it was last year!  The Mt. Rogers High Country will be hard to beat...

mt rodgers.jpg

Happy camping in 2020 to all!

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