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Hi @Lindseyf25!  Are you thinking car camping or backpacking?  We have a 7 month old, and are planning a few car camping trips this summer.  [Backpacking seems much more indimidating at this age - especially packing out all the diapers!!] 

A few ideas as you're getting ready:

  • Start getting her used to being outside...laying/sitting on the grass, feeling wind on her skin, hearing all the nature noises, touching plants, etc.
  • Start getting her used to the gear...wearing a sun hat, wearing sunglasses, wearing sunblock once she's old enough, riding in a carrier if you'll be using one, sleeping in a bassinet or travel bed or pack & play if you'll be using one, etc.  Our baby had a tiny folding travel bed that we used constantly for the first 6 months, and it made it really easy for her to sleep anywhere since she was so used to it!
  • Think about how you and your baby will be spending the days.  If you'll be in one spot, do you want to bring a big blanket for her to play on, or a play pen if she's mobile and needs some containment?  If you'll be on the move, will a stroller or a baby carrier be more suitable given the terrain?
  • This is probably obvious, but think through your baby's "must-haves" for feeding, sleeping, diaper changes, etc.  You probably don't need all the gear you have at home, but you'll definitely need some of it!  (We packed very light for a trip to Switzerland when our baby was 6 months old, and we considered her bulky sleep suit a "must-have" to ensure that we could all get some sleep!  But we skipped bringing a stroller or any bulky toys.)  You know your baby and the minimal gear required to keep you all happy!

Good luck with the planning, and enjoy the time with your little one!