Hello OldGuyot -  I appreciate the tip about polyester (vs nylon). I do look at 3-person tents as I am car camping. A bit too old and way to fat now to hike 😞

The Taj has such great room at the shoulder area due to being 95" wide there. Makes it great for putting shoes, laptop, water bottle, etc overnight. If also has some very steep walls - pretty much all sides.


I'll add this additional info:

I also have the Marmot Limelight 3-person with a 96"x68" floor. But choosing to sleep the 96" direction makes it narrow for storing items during the night. And great thing is this tent has very steep walls for the first 2 feet so it feels roomy inside.

I just tried out the ALPS Lynx 3 with its 90"x84" floor. If it had the very steep walls as does the Limelight it would have been good but as is it seemed badly closed in. Took it back to REI.

Really I hope to find something with the 6-sided shape of the Taj. Why oh why does REI not make these anymore...