Smaller hex tents are not really a thing any more. 

I would look for 3 person tents.  Generally two person tents only have enough floor space for two 20 inch sleeping pads if they are tapered.  If they are rectangular you might fit two 24 inch sleeping pads. A 3 person tent used for 2 will fit either width regardless and still have space inside the canopy for gear or whatever.

For car camping where weight is not a primary criteria I would consider a polyester tent rather than sil-nylon like the Copper Spur.  Polyester does not sag in the rain. 

The REI Passage 3 is polyester, fairly inexpensive and seems quite roomy.  If you get the footprint you can use it is a quick setup shelter in places where the bug net canopy is not needed (eg a beach day.) 

The REI half dome 3 is another possibility for $80 more.  It is is nylon but is a little larger and has some nicer features.  It has slightly more verticalized end walls which are a bit more livable because you tend not to touch the canopy with your head or feet so disturbing the condensation accumulated on the fly.

Both have two doors and two vestibules which makes it convenient to use for two. 

There are many similar tents from the other tent makers.

I do not have either of these so just going by the description and reviews. 

I do have a Taj 3 which I use for car camping, generally for 2,  and a Copper Spur UL2 gen 1 which I have used for backpacking for 1 and 2 people although I now use a Tiger Wall UL2 for backpacking also for 1 and 2 people.