Long ago and far away I bought the REI Taj 2 tent. Lasted for ages and I loved the width at the shoulder area. It was a 3-person but with 2-people it offered great storage space on each side for the sleepers.

Once it started having issues I got the REI Taj 3 and it was OKAY - not as easy to setup/take down as the 2. But then after only 3 years it had rain fly seepage issues.


Now I cannot find a suitable similar tent. REI has their Arete ASL 2-person but it is smaller than my likes for car camping. 


Does anyone know of other "6-sided" 3-person tents that offer good shoulder space like the Taj???


I've looked as some 4-sided tapered tents such as the Big Agnes Copper Spur but do not find them as nice.


thank you