That's so interesting, I think most people (myself included) may have gone the other way, where car camping was the norm but wanting to get to more remote places leads you down the backpacking route.  While there's certainly a good deal of overlap in my gear, I would say that car camping gives you the luxury of not needing to necessarily spend top dollar on everything because weight isn't nearly as strong a consideration.  You probably have a few choice pieces of equipment that you could purchase "car camping" versions of to reduce the wear and tear on your ultralight gear.  For example, I have a sleeping bag that I love but won't take car camping because it's reserved for backpacking trips only.  

I think the most obvious place this shows up is around mealtime.  I love to cook so car camping allows me to plan and prep meals that would be impractical if not impossible while backpacking.  Take a dutch oven and stick it right in the hot coals of your fire pit to cook chili or spaghetti sauce.  Sit in a larger, more comfortable camp chair.  Take a musical instrument or two!