In 2013 I purchased from REI a sleeping bag (REI Sub Kilo 20) and would like to get a similar bag for my wife that has a compatible zipper.  The zipper is looks like a conventional ykk zipper, but does not extend the full length... about 60 inches.  If I lie on my back in the sleeping bag the zipper is on my right. Is this possible?  Any suggestions of possible bags?


Hi rcl2884, I remember the Sub Kilo 20!  My wife used it on the John Muir trail years ago.  It's a great bag and packs down small.

Let's dive into your question.  For starts, there are many many different models of YKK zipper and some will and some will not work together.  From my experience zipping two mummy bags typically results in connecting most of the bag (the 60 inches of zipper in your case) leaving the area around your ankles and feet independent and not zipped together.  

I think the biggest challenge will be finding zippers that play well together.  Because designs change from year to year, I couldn't tell you a modern bag that would work with your Sub Kilo.  I'd recommend coming into your local REI on a week day and spending time in the sleeping bag dept to see what will actually zip with your bag and be similar to your existing bag.  

Hope that helps and happy camping!

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Thanks... I figured.  I don't live near an REI (Maine), but, I guess, I can try out the zipper at another outdoor store.  We have zipped mummy bags before and it works pretty well.  As you say, the feet are separate, but the combined upper portion feels a lot more roomy.  The problem is that I upgraded and my wife did not.