@Rgp919, I just did a search and was having a hard time finding out exactly what type of stakes this tent comes with.  Here's a quick synopsis of a few different types of tent stakes you'll typically see out there.  Also, I'm assuming that this 'rocky soil' is more soil like and not a boulder field, so you're just looking for strong tent stakes that won't bend when you are hammering them into the ground.

Aluminum Stakes:  Lightweight,  inexpensive.  Not as sturdy as some other options.  Might not be my first choice for cutting through rocks and tough soil.

Steel Stakes:  Heavier, inexpensive.  Typically stronger and less likely to bend when being hammered through tough soil.

MSR GroundHog Stakes:  Very light and sturdy aluminum.  More sturdy than the Aluminum stakes mentioned above by a long shot.  Comes in a mini version as well but if you're worrying about getting through rocks to get to the soil, I'd go with this one not the mini.  On the pricier side for tent stakes, but these are my personal choice.

SIde Note:  I always seem to lose a stake or two when setting up camp, so I usually buy a few extra just in case!

Hopefully this is helpful!  Have fun sleeping under the stars!!

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