Hello Fellow Campers,

I am in search of a new tent which can withstand semi harsh conditions like wind and rain, I had an old Walmart Coleman tent which got a whole in the rainfly and can't really hold up against rain <content removed by moderator>. So I am looking for a good tent that would not fail on me. My price range is from $0.01 to about $550, don't want to go higher than $500 because It just feels dumb to spend so much money in a place I only sleep in. So far I found some interesting options on rei.com.  Base Camp 6, Marmot Limestone 6P, and North Face Wawona 6p. I find that the base camp 6 is the best of what I prefer out of these because of the MASSIVE vestibule and the side rib poles, but the reviews on that aren't the best do... A lot of quality control issues. I also don't care on which site the tent is sold I just want a good solid tent. If I don't find anything I'll come to the conclusion of getting a patch for my Coleman LOL. All responses appreciated!