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I am in search of a new tent which can withstand semi harsh conditions like wind and rain, I had an old Walmart Coleman tent which got a whole in the rainfly and can't really hold up against rain <content removed by moderator>. So I am looking for a good tent that would not fail on me. My price range is from $0.01 to about $550, don't want to go higher than $500 because It just feels dumb to spend so much money in a place I only sleep in. So far I found some interesting options on rei.com.  Base Camp 6, Marmot Limestone 6P, and North Face Wawona 6p. I find that the base camp 6 is the best of what I prefer out of these because of the MASSIVE vestibule and the side rib poles, but the reviews on that aren't the best do... A lot of quality control issues. I also don't care on which site the tent is sold I just want a good solid tent. If I don't find anything I'll come to the conclusion of getting a patch for my Coleman LOL. All responses appreciated!  


I have used a really cheap 6 person tent many times.  So, I don't know that I could give you a good opinion.  Of course any review or comment would be an opinion.  Have you checked out sites like Outdoor Gear Lab (OutdoorGearLab | The World's Best Outdoor Product Reviews).  You may also find reviews under other sections here on REI or the REI Youtube channel.




I've had great success with my REI Kingdom 8.  I know these tents are available in a 6P and 4P size as well.  Check them out.

I am selling a Camp Base 6 tent. We got a camper trailer and do not need this tent now.  So look on REI’s used equipment list for a good price. There will be others in the same position.

CampBase 6 tent is really roomy and it’s easy to set up.  It is rated as 3 season but I’m not sure it would do well at elevation, where you can get sleet and snow, even in summer.  The tent is actually a screen material so it breathes well.  The rain fly is awesome.  A person can easily stand up in this tent, so that is great too.  


I've had the Marmot Limestone 8p for years and love it. I'm not sure of the 6p, but one of the best things about the 8p is that you can stand completely upright (I'm 5'10") which was one of the criteria I had for a tent that big. I have plenty of 1p and 2p tents, but if I'm taking something the size of a house for the full family, I wanted it to be as comfortable as possible. It is very well made and has stood up to many Texas thunderstorms.

Patching is an often overlooked, inexpensive, alternative to purchasing new.

good luck!

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We use the Kingdom 8. It's outside your budget, but maybe the kingdom 6 is not. I love the kingdom because I can stand up and walk through the entire tent. It is so roomy, and the attachable mudroom and front vestibule/awning are awesome features. That being said, there are mixed reviews about it holding up to inclement weather. I have never had issues with mine except one instance, and it was my fault because I did not tie the tent down (inclement weather was unexpected). We have been in storms with it tied down, and had no issues. I agree with many others that this tent could be improved with stronger poles.

I recently love saw the wawona six set up in my local REI store and there is a lot to like about that tent. It has a huge vestibule and has near vertical walls so you can stand up anywhere in it. The one factor that makes me balk at getting one is it does not have a full rain fly. It only goes about halfway down the main tent body. I guess I am a traditionalist. In bad weather, I want a full rain fly to trust water won't get in the tent. I read a couple reviews on this tent and have not seen anyone complain about this being an issue, though.

Good luck in finding a tent that works for you!

Can't say I've had any issues with my Base Camp 6 so far, we've liked it.

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