Great that you're getting outside @Kooler !

@REI-LeslieN makes a good point about your planned "mode" of camping - car camping or backpacking. Vast difference between the two esp for a newcomer.

Assuming you'll start with car camping, maybe start by deciding on a cot or ground pad. For cots, a tent with more headroom and more-vertical sidewalls would help (you're higher off the ground).  Sounds like you'll have a tent partner with you, so a 3-person tent might be more comfortable. Word of advice about cots and tent floors: cots with individual legs and pointy ends will quickly wear-out a tent floor. Look for a cot with "U"-shaped legs that spreads the contact over a larger area. If using ground pads, a 2-person tent model might work, but at 6'6" tall, you'll likely find a 3-person giving that  extra room to be comfortable (esp with another person sharing space with you).

For ground pads, definitely go to a store and try them out.  Personally I'm 51 y.o, 6'0, 190 lbs and I use a slightly thicker pad (NeoAir Trekker) than some of the lighter-weight models. At our age, the 'ol joints are a bit more creaky and having a pad that allows your shoulders, hips and butt to sink-in a bit while not contacting the ground makes for a much better night's sleep. There are even thicker pad options, but at increased weight (i.e. NeoAir Camper).

A good sleeping bag is also important. Too many options and assumptions for this forum - talk to a knowledgeable retail associate who can help you narrow-down your choices (3 or 4 season, lightweight or plush, damp conditions, M/F, down or synthetic, cost, etc).

There's such a vast array of gear options these days, I'd also recommend simply observing others while you're "out there". As you get more experience, consider renting various models of tents, bags, pads, etc. Cheap investment to help you refine your choices before making a leap into a purchase.

Hope this helps.