Does anyone know of organizations that take used camping gear and use it for taking kids groups out on camping trips?

Scouting groups are taken care of, I’m thinking about groups that serve kids of lesser means.

Thanks for any suggestions.


That's a tough one, but a worthwhile endeavor.  Many thrift stores will take the gear, but to actually use it instead of reselling it you would need to contact local summer camps, churches, boys/girls clubs, or adventure clubs.  REI will also give you credit for some used gear under certain circumstances. 

Good luck!

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not all scouts are 'taken care of', in some of the troops I've worked with, quite a few of the kids were in tough spots financially and could not afford camping equipment...note: scouts are supposed to be getting away from large group camping scenarios (single kitchen set ups) and more into backpacking (individual or patrol size cooking, but w backpacking stoves & eqmt) whether they do or don't really depends upon the parents willingness or ability to cooperate.

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Thank you.  I will go onto the scouting group websites then and try to find out who needs help. In our immediate area, the scouts are well outfitted.