Hi @Kooler that's great that your getting into camping! Will you be car camping or backpacking, or both?

When it comes to tents there are a ton of great options out there, one that I would recommend is the REI Co-Op Half Dome 2 Plus, its longer and wider than other 2 person tents, has large doors and vertical side walls, which makes the inside feel more roomy.  You could also consider a 3 person tent.

As far as sleeping pads there are so many options and your choice really comes down to balancing comfort (thickness), size and weight. I'd start by looking at the foam pad options.  If you go into your local REI store you can test out all the models that they have available.  

Since your new to camping you could also set up a Personal Outfitting session at your local REI.  You can find out more about that here.

Have a great time!

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