I was looking for a site that rates and reviews camping gear warranties.

Does anyone else have this problem as well and know of a site? I want to make sure the gear I buy is backed by a great warranty experience - especially after the 1 year REI expires. 


@jloha312 -- I don't think I have ever seen anything like that. It's a great idea for an enterprising outdoorsy person, though. 

Thanks @Sweet-Tater and @hikermor for sharing!

Do either of you usually check the warranty on gear before you buy? Outside of the REI return policy?

I usually do - but maybe that's just me.

It's definitely comforting when I see solid warranties. Like I just bought 5 bear vaults for the scout troop I help with. In comparing them rei had them on sale and this warranty from https://bearvault.com/warranty/ sold me on it. They stand by their product. Plus they gave great insight on how to care for it - like I didn't know that deet would eat it up.

  • As a long time REI member,the one year warranty is plenty of time to determine the suitability of gear.  Over the past 50+ years, I have returned exactly two items and the REI warranty worked very well...  I have also had good experience with Patagonia, who repaired, at no cost, a garment that was several years old.

REI's former warranty was dialed back to its present state ewhen people took shameless advantage...


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I haven't seen any type of site that rates gear warranties.  Ask other like minded individuals about the warranties of products they have had problems with,  read product reviews, talk to gear store employees, etc. See what they say about the product you're interested in. I've had to sent back items from Sea to Summit, Big Anes, and Osprey, all these companies stand behind their warranties.  Great companies to deal with. 


Cool thanks @kathyrb .

I'm starting to think that if there was a way to gather all the warranty data together and slice and dice it would be very helpful. But maybe that's just me as I like to analyze gear 😉

I made the following list of warranty legnths for sleeping pad brands on REI - Helpful or Not?

  • TENTSILE - No Warranty End Time Specified
  • Big Agnes - No Warranty End Time Specified
  • Mountain Equipment - No Warranty End Time Specified
  • Klymit - Product Lifetime
  • Therm-a-Rest - Product Lifetime
  • Tepui Tents - Product Lifetime
  • Alps Mountaineering - Product Lifetime
  • NEMO - Product Lifetime
  • Sea to Summit - Product Lifetime
  • Exped - 5 Years
  • ENO - 2 Years
  • Kelty - 1 Year
  • REI-Co-op - 1 Year

Personally I usually call or check the company website about their warranties. From there it really depends on the company itself. I know Yakima has one of the best warranties for their products but it's specific to products they have. I feel like even if there was a website with all the warranties and year lengths, I would still double check the actual company because that information could change at any point in time. 


@Sweet-Tater @hikermor @kathyrb @shoqu001 I was trying to fit more data to post here but found it easier to just provide a link to a google spreadsheet that I made shorturl.at/besGQ

It includes lots more interesting data on warranty exclusions per brand on sleeping pads only and what type of info they ask for to prove you bought it.

If you're interested in seeing more gear warranty data analysis - I made a simple google signup form where you can put in your email and what other gear categories you'd be interested in here https://forms.gle/KyBuMTj7hefYBX4v8

I have had a very good experience with the company Outdoor Research honoring their Infinite Guarantee, twice now. The first time they replaced the rain jacket. The second time they offered store credit toward the purchase of a replacement product.

Recently my everyday carry Leatherman Micra broke, and they were quick to honor their warranty and replaced the knife.

Cool - that's great to see that they really took care of you for your raincoat and Leatherman! I had a Healy Hansen but they don't cover it after many years thus another reason why I think it's important to make a site with all this warranty data and experience on it.

I put the data I gathered on sleeping pads here: http://trustfuss.com/search?Category=205

Would you be interested in putting up your experience with Outdoor Research and Leatherman? I haven't made those brands yet but will if you'd like to put your experience up 🙂