Picaridin Lotion is AMAZING. It's not oily, won't eat your clothes or gear. For me it works 100x better than DEET ever did for me. I tested it out in the 100 mile wilderness on the Appalachian Trail in the worst mosquito season ever. We had thousands (not exaggerating) surrounding us 24/7. Pants, long sleeves, and a headnet were an absolute MUST. But once I got to camp, I wanted to rinse off and put on a pair of shorts. Perfect time for a test. I slathered the lotion on my legs and propped them up on the shelter. I sat there and watched as dozens of mosquitoes swarmed around my legs. Only 2 had the nerve to land, but immediately flew back off. I spent the rest of the evening in my shorts and never got one bite. Won't hike without it now!