Personally I drive a truck but that is for other reasons, not specifically for camping.


If I didn't need to tow heavier stuff I was seriously looking at a 4Runner or possibly even a Rav4. 4Runner's are great on and off road, good size, good gas mileage (I mentioned I drive a truck) in my mind, and lots of room. Also has adaptability for things like roof racks, hitches, and some towing ability for most things, and last but not least if you have kids a little room.


Rav4 is just as good, better gas mileage, not as adaptable or even ability to tow but can, slightly less room than a 4Runner for people and gear but enough room for camping gear and 4 people.


This is my thoughts for car camping, now if talking about sleeping in a vehicle type car camping I would opt for a larger vehicle like a 4Runner that has thousands of tutorials for setting this up or even a truck with a camper shell.