Hi @liesl - Thanks for reaching out, though we're sorry it's because you're having some trouble with your Air Rail's valve. 

While we do not sell replacement valves for this specific pad, there are a few different steps that might work to get your valve back in functional order. Though it is difficult to diagnose these kinds of things without seeing your sleeping pad in person, we suggest seeing if one of the following helps:

  • using light, compressed air to blow in and on the valve, as there may be a piece of debris stuck inside, preventing it from moving
  • replacing the O-ring, as explained in this article "How to Repair a Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad"
  • soaking the valve in baking soda and warm water to see it if "unsticks" it, as it might have accumulated dirt or other particles with use

While it is not for the Air Rail specifically, you can also take a look at this thread on the same subject for additional suggestions: How Do I Repair a Stuck Valve in my Sleeping Pad? 

Hopefully this helps!

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