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sometimes both

I got the camper 2 years ago, 2019 forest river surveyor, when I decided at 50+ that after years of sleeping on the ground or in the back of the truck all the time, I would like to try something different. Not a huge one but not a tiny one. It is half ton towable and with the f250 I can pass people going uphill. I have slept 3 people in there and could do 4. What I like about it is a full queen bed, fridge, toilet and shower. I have mainly used it at competitions and it has been in a park once. In moderate, or cold temps, it will go more than 2 days without charging the battery while running the furnace and fridge. When its hot I bring a generator and that gives me a electric coffee maker, the microwave, and AC.

The other is a 99 Aquaterra Sea Lion. It is a good boat for me. I like packing it and taking off for a couple days. @17 and a half feet, it isnt a great creek boat, but I have made it work. When I got it it was what was available in my price range that would haul me and my junk. There are times not to lie about your weight. Skydiving, bungee jumping, and kayaking come to mind.