Hi @Kb9nbd - Good afternoon! Thanks so much for reaching out with this question. 

One thing that comes to mind is about Yellowstone itself. Because it is such a big park, some people can feel pressure to try to do visit every single place they can fit in. Knowing that this is your first big trip and there is some anxiety around it, feel free to take things slow and not put expectations on checking off all of the "must do" activities. Often spending more time in just a few places is even more rewarding than trying to go, go, go. No matter where you are or what you do, Yellowstone is impressive!

I know when I'm camping in a new place, I like to get back to my campsite well before dark to sort out my tent and sleeping arrangements, cook my dinner, and have everything ready to go once it is dark. The sun doesn't set until late up in Yellowstone in the summer, but giving myself ample time to relax at the campsite is always welcome after big days. 

It's amazing to hear that you are excited to learn from this community. There are lots of people here across many different experience levels ready to answer questions and share their own experiences. We look forward to having you in these discussions going forward! 

Best of luck on your trip. If you're keen on sharing, we'd love to hear how it goes after you and your daughter get back!

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