I would like to make a sincere request that we all tripple our efforts to leave our campsites cleaner than when we arrived. 

Last week I was dispersal camping near the Santa Barbara campground in Northern New Mexico. While the area was relatively clean I suspect that's because it is early in the season. Still, I found empty beer bottles, beer cans, perfect shotgun shells and plenty of spent ammunition.

Anymore I just carry a large garbage sack with me to collect what other folks are just too damn lazy to clean up.

Maybe I just don't understand. Maybe there is a forest fairy that cleans up after everyone. Maybe this stuff  biodegrades, in a few thousand years. 

Please, it's been on time honored tradition, pack it in pack it out.



You are most likely preaching to the choir here.

This is why we have campground attendants and rangers.  Educating the clueless and lazy is a never ending process.  Trust me on this, I know!!

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Then I will Trippple my efforts.


Never ceases to baffle me that people do this. I will never understand it and it angers me so much to see it when I'm out there. Also makes me never want to see the inside of these people's homes.