@ronf.   Yes it’s a variation of the “cowboy coffee” method alright. Actually the origin of other methods, since coffee growing and brewing was originally exported from north Africa (Ethiopia, I believe). The main differences would be the shape of the small pot (narrowing at the top) and that the coffee is not quite brought to a full boil but just to the stage of starting to foam up. As with the cowboy method, adding a dash of cold water to the pot of hot coffee just after removing it from the flame helps settle the fine grounds. This brewing method is still common to the middle east and Mediterranean region, often using a small pot on an alcohol burner. I still have an old Arabian alcohol stove in my kit, it’s just a flattish brass alcohol container with a cotton wick, so foolproof and nearly indestructible. It will actually burn other flammable oils or liquids in a pinch. It’s too heavy to backback with, but using Sterno is a similar approach. I’m not generally in a rush, so what do I care if the water takes an extra minute to heat? The extra flavor is worth the wait.