This is my first post on this forum, please advise if changes should be made.

Base camp cooking can be a great apres-hike evening! My Dutch Oven nachos have created frenzied eating around the campfire.  Next "in camp" dessert effort...Crepes. 

I would like to meet with other camp chefs (and newbies) to swap techniques, successes and recipes from cast iron. Bring your own oven and ingredients and of course BYOB paring suggestions. 

North New Jersey area,  summer 2021?

Please let me know if you have any interest and we can get a park permit for a picnic. 

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Nachos in camp!? I've died and gone to heaven! Don't tease me!

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Hey @Philreedshikes,  

Yes,  we've got this really dialed in!  I can't order nachos in resturants any more as they are not worth eating!

This well be a must when we get have the picnic

I can still taste the apple cobbler cooked in a dutch oven at a boy scout camping trip about 1970. Yum.

same here, my 2 son's troop, the scouts all horsed around cooking and making some sort of glop, the adults where totally focused on dutch oven cobbler and chicken, that was probably the highlight of those camp outs, come to think of it, the dutch oven cooking was the ONLY thing I remember, lol!

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I use my old Dutch oven all the time when camping!  It's second only to my grandmother's old (way older than I!) big sheet steel skillet. 


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I absolutely love my Dutch oven! Some cut up meat, veggies, garlic, a b, and a bottle of white wine. Make a dough of flour and water and use it to seal the lid, cover with coals and let cook for 2-3 hours...

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I LOVE my cast iron dutch-ovens.  I've done lasagna, enchiladas, meatloaf, beef & veggie stew, baked spaghetti, chicken & dumplings, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, fruit cobblers, breakfast casseroles, chili & cornbread, mac & cheese.  I just discovered a new pulled-pork recipe to try, and how to make fresh popped popcorn.  Now you have my mind churning on how to make nachos!

@JeffPPeters  Holy cow! I bow to your dutch oven greatness!

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I'd recommend watching "Cowboy Kent Rollins" on YouTube.  He has great dutch oven cooking videos.