For a while I tried a few homemade variations of the “tea-bagged” coffee approach. The best of those trials was an equal mix of instant (Nescafe Classic) and espresso ground French Roast, steeped in a teabag for varied minutes (to taste, depending on quantities and qualities of the exact coffees mixed). I abandoned that approach because it was entirely too much trouble in relation to the results. I now use two solutions: For HOT coffee I choose medium to dark roast whole beans and grind them to “Turkish” fineness (well beyond “espresso” grind). I then simply brew the coffee powder in a small pot (the same as making Greek coffee on my gas stovetop at home). This method results in a very, very small amount of grounds per cup brewed, that can be easily dealt with in a manner appropriate to your camping situation. There’s no filter or device to carry, clean, or dispose of. Simply a small pot and a cup (or “rough it” and drink directly from the pot if you choose). For COLD coffee: Carry Nescafe Classic (and sugar if desitred). Mix a couple spoonfuls with cold water (add some snow if there’s any nearby), stir vigorously (or shake if you want to carry and mix in a sealing container) and drink. I believe Nescafe Classic is spray-dried, not freeze dried, so mixes and tastes differently from the freeze dried brands.