@Caryl wow, those are some very specific requirements, and it may be hard to find a tent that meets all of them. One conflict that pops out is the need to be able to set it up by yourself but also have it tall enough to stand up in and be good in windy conditions - typically, a taller tent has longer poles, which makes them harder to set up alone, and a taller tent can be less ideal in windy conditions as they can pick up more gusts and the poles can be more vulnerable to snapping. So, recognizing those complexities, here are a few tents you might consider:

  • The REI Base Camp 6 has a stable dome design (better for windy conditions) and is over 6' tall in the center, so you should be able to stand up fully. There are mesh windows that can be zipped up for both warm/cool situations. However, this tent uses sleeves for the tent poles and pushes over the $400 price point (although members have a 20% coupon now until 5/31/21, which will help!) - there is also a 4-person model (REI Base Camp 4), however it is currently out of stock - the peak height on the 4-person is 5' tall in the center
  • Nemo Wagontop 4 and Wagontop 6 - both tall enough to stand in with a simple pole structure for easy set-up, however due to the overall height, these may be less durable in windy conditions
  • The North Face Wawona 4 and Wawona 6 - both tall enough to stand in with stronger poles than previous models - however, these tents have more mesh than the Base Camp without the ability to zip them up

We recognize none of these are exactly perfect for what you're describing - maybe the community will have some other ideas!

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