Hey there, Dwain!

If I'm understanding you correctly, what you are looking for is a tarp and pole system to protect your tent from inclement weather and/or dew. At REI we do not have a tarp system that includes both tarp and poles, but we do sell them separately. As an example you could use this combination:

The set-up above will provide a lot of coverage, likely more than you'll need for your tent. Additionally, it will be pretty bulky and likely too heavy for backpacking. It would be a system better suited for car camping. If you're looking to carry this system on the trail and pack it somewhere to camp, you might consider a tarp like the REI Co-op Quarter Dome SL Tarp and a pair of trekking poles (if you can extend the trekking poles long enough to raise the tarp over your tent. Additionally, some reviewers of the ENO HouseFly Rain Tarp did indicate that they were able to pitch it with trekking poles and sleep on the ground. Because it is not designed for that purpose we cannot speak to how well that works.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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