Hi, I’m a bit late to the party, hope this is still helpful. We camp with our dog about 10x a year in different states. 

For sleeping /tent, try to make the sleeping area as much like your dog likes to sleep at home in the beginning. If it’s a crate, try to bring the crate; his face bed or blanket, etc. OR if you have limited vehicle or tent capacity for such things, introduce his tent sleeping environment at home. We have a Coleman outdoor dog bed for our guy. It rolls up, is machine washable, and is meant for the rugged outdoors. We introduced your dog to it a couple weeks ahead of time around the house. 

On our very first camping trip, the dog recognized the tent as his home and we did not have any potty probs. Now he loves to be in the tent by himself if he’s tired or cold. 

For emergency first aid, the most common concern is fleas and ticks. Also heartowrm from mosquitoes. Bring a flea tick comb and makes sure he’s up to date on heartiest meds. There’s also a vaccination against certain diseases from rodent poo that’s be helpful as precautionary. 

If you may be in areas where your dog will go swimming or be in mud, we bring dog wipes. 

A reflectove harness is a must. Depending on where you go camping (state park) or wilderness, a coated chain and stake/tie line strong enough for the size of your dog is also great to give them freedom but prevent them from sniffing off after an animal. 

I hope that helps! Best of luck. Camping with a dog is so much fun once.