I haven't visited the Monongahela NF in a number of years, but certainly hope to get back there again.

I grew up car camping, first in a tent, then, later, my parents bought a small pop-up camper.

It is certainly easier with kids (I was one of three) and allows for more creature comforts.  I car camped as an adult, before taking up backpacking somewhat later in life, and found car camping was a good transition to ease my wife into the possibility of backpacking, as well.

I will say that I have slimmed down my kit for car camping significantly over the years.  But, in contrast to backpacking, I do enjoy having more space in the tent, a more cushy air mattress and an actual pillow, as well as more varried cooking options (as others have suggested) like cast iron, a tripod grilling grate, a one-burner and two-burner stove, oh and most of all my percolator coffee pot!

Get outdoors, stay safe, and happy trails!
Todd the Hiker