I grew up in a family of scouts, and we all learned the conventional methods of building campfires from our fellow scouts. The lean-to method of building a campfire has been our tried and true method.

A couple of years ago I read an article on an outdoor enthusiast blog about a different, unconventional sounding technique of building a campfire.

I was a skeptic. I had my doubts. I watched no less than a dozen YouTube videos of folks that show the viewer how to make this type of fire.

If you've never seen it before, you may want to be sitting, because you might faint in disbelief when you watch this video on how to build The Upside-Down Fire.

It literally turns the conventional learning of how to build a campfire upside down.

I've tried it, and it works! Not only does it work, but once lit, it requires far less attention to keep it going, as compared to the other tried and true methods.

Campfires can be high maintenance, requiring you to be constantly tending to it. Well, kick back & relax as the Upside-Down Fire does all the work for you! A...