I have one of the earliest flex lite chairs, and the elastic has stretched to the point where I can no longer rely on the chair to stay assembled when I get out of it, or move it.  One of the legs inevitably falls out, and the chair is no longer a chair.  Any advice on how to deal with this?

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Hi @sdsamuelson - Thanks for reaching out!

This customer video on How to Replace Shockcord in REI Flexlite Chair Legs shows the step-by-step process of replacing that shockcord.

You will need to determine the necessary length of shockcord before purchasing more. You can either disassemble the chair first to take precise measurements or measure on the outside of the poles. In both cases we recommend adding a bit of length to your order to make up for tied knots, etc. 

If you order the replacement cord online, be sure to use the quantity option to fill in how many feet of cord you need.

Hopefully this helps!

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